Weekly cleaning in London

Cleaning? Get it done.

Allow yourself to have serene peace and get more time for yourself. A professional staff which you can trust will take care of your house.

Weekly cleaning is the easiest way to have a neat and tidy house with no blood, sweat or tears. It’s also a perfect solution if you want to save some money – weekly cleaning is cheaper than one-off cleaning.

We do our best to leave your house totally clean, so that you could enjoy a shiny and organized space around you and feel great at your home. We render the service professionally and thoroughly, fulfilling 100% of your expectations.

When we focus on cleaning, you can focus on things you like best – spending time with your family and friends. Results? A sparkling, perfectly clean house. Serene peace and utmost convenience. Sounds good?

What does weekly cleaning service include? Our service includes:

Kitchen cleaning

• Range hood and stove top cleaned
• Inside and outside of microwave cleaned
• Refrigerator front and top cleaned as possible
• Counter tops cleaned and disinfected
• Sink cleaned
• Floors vacuumed and mopped
• Front cupboard cleaned
• Wipe doors
• Appliances wiped down

Bathrooms cleaning

• Tile and behind tub cleaned
• Toilet cleaned and disinfected
• Mirror cleaned
• Cabinets cleaned
• Washbasin cleaned
• Bath cleaned
• Light fixtures dusted
• All chrome shined
• Wipe doors
• Floors vacuumed and mopped

Bedroom cleaning

• Mirrors cleaned
• Pictures dusted
• Change linens and make the beds
• Lamps and lamp shades dusted
• Furniture dusted
• Bed frames and headboard dusted
• Wipe doors


Weekly cleaning? We’ll do that for you. Contact us and arrange a trial cleaning. Interested in what our clients think about cooperation with us? Find out more in the credentials or contact us to book our service.